Introduction to Chemistry and Measurement

Module 1 Basic Chemistry Terminology
Unit 1 What is Matter?
Unit 2 Chemical vs. Physical Properties
Unit 3 Chemical vs. Physical Change
Unit 4 The Scientific Method
Module 2 Chemistry Math
Unit 1 Scientific Notation
Unit 2 Using Scientific Notation on a Scientific Calculator
Unit 3 Calculations with Exponents
Unit 4 The Metric System
Unit 5 How to Make Scientific Measurements
Unit 6 Significant Figures
Unit 7 Rounding to the Correct Number of Significant Digits
Unit 8 Calculations with Significant Figures
Module 3 Dimensional Analysis
Unit 1 Dimensional Analysis
Unit 2 Converting Units Using Dimensional Analysis with Multiple Conversion Factors
Unit 3 Converting Ratios Using Dimensional Analysis
Unit 4 Converting Units Raised to a Power
Module 4 Density
Unit 1 Density
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