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My name is Melanie Fine. I have a degree in chemistry from Cornell, a high school chemistry and physics teaching credential, and I've been helping students just like you master chemistry for close to 20 years.

Are you struggling with stoichiometry?  

Do buffers leave you in tears?

Does AP Chemistry keep you up at night?

Well, not anymore. Anyone can learn chemistry; you just need the right teacher.  That's where I come in.  I tutor one-on-one using an online classroom, similar to a webinar. We share screens and pass work back and forth.  It's as if I'm there on the other side of the table. Why online?  I'm a single mom, and it's easier than finding a babysitter for my son.   It also allows me to tutor anyone anywhere.  Further, we can record the sessions for you to review at your convenience.  Added benefits of online chemistry tutoring include:

  • Study with a chemistry expert, without being geographically limited
  • Work from the convenience of your own home
  • Flexible access - We can keep to a strict schedule, or jump online as the need arises

Check out these testimonials ...

You are my favorite online teacher and website. I really appreciate all the help you offered last year during my son's junior year. He was almost failing in chemistry the year before junior year, then with your videos and help he became an A student in chemistry.

- Ghada E., Parent

You have made science so enjoyable for me that you're one of the main reasons why I chose to major in science.  You truly are a great and amazing person who has brought joy to everyone's life, especially to those who never thought it possible to pass chemistry or physics.

- Cristina T., Student

It was impossible not to learn.  You made a very difficult and complicated subject so easy to understand.

- Thania E., Student

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1 Hour Tutoring

1 hour session $85

5 Hours Tutoring

5 hours for $400 ($80 an hour)

10 Hours Tutoring

10 hours for $750 ($75 an hour)