Follow the instructions below to make sure you receive our emails!

Whitelisting in Gmail

To whitelist in Gmail, the subscriber needs to open up your email, and then click on the dropdown arrow on the upper right-hand corner of the email. In the dropdown list, select “Add [sender] to Contacts List.” That’s all there is to it.

Whitelisting in Apple Mail

On the iPhone:

Tap the sender’s email address. Add the address to VIP, Create New Contact or Add to Existing Contact.

On the Apple Desktop:

Move your mouse’s cursor to the left of the sender’s name in the message header, and then click on the star that appears.


Whitelisting in Yahoo Mail

To whitelist in Yahoo Mail, the subscriber needs to click on the name of the sender and select, “Add to Contacts.”


Whitelisting in Outlook

Open the email message in Outlook, right click on the sender’s email, and select “Add to Contacts.”